how can i set the direction of my gun to the Raycast collision point?

I have created a Raycast that starts from my camera and points foward,
now I need that the object “Gun” is oriented to the Raycast’s collision point.

for now i made this…

    Ray FowardRay = new Ray(Head.transform.position, Head.transform.forward);
    RaycastHit Hit;
    if (Physics.Raycast(FowardRay, out Hit))
        Vector3 Point = Hit.transform.position;
        Vector3 gun = Gun.transform.position;

        Vector3 Direction = (Gun.transform.position - Hit.transform.position).normalized;
        Ray r2 = new Ray(transform.position, Direction);
        Gun.transform.eulerAngles = r2.direction;


Would Gun.transform.LookAt(Hit); not work?