How can i set up a 2d game for iphone/android.

Like charactor control with toggle pads and a user can walk over a fixed sized game or terrain. I'm not sur if this has been posted alredy if it was I'm sorry, but if anyone ca link me to a tutorial.

Penelope, a tutorial provided by Unity, has components that will show you how to setup touch controls on a game:

Touch controls are complicated, you need to be at least an intermediate scripter. However, Unity 3 does ship with some preset control scheme prefabs that you won't have to do much with besides drop in the scene.

For a 2D Platformer, you should go through 2D Gameplay tutorial:

Don't worry about 2D art until you have mastered 3D stuff. When you are ready, say hello to Sprite Manager (free) and if you have the money, Sprite Manager 2($200).

there is a iphone/android 2D Game prefab on, also a great starter kit on the asset storeā€¦if you really want to go easy:)