How can i share a web build online?

i want to put a link for a demo of my asset in the asset store but i need a website to put a link of my demo. i dont have a website and tried Dropbox and Google Drive both of them dont work as a link only for my demo.

Can someone help me with a place to put my demo for free?

You can create a vary basic free website using GitHub. Follow the steps on to make a site. For this purpose, you won’t need to worry about making an actual website, as long as the .html file is at the root of the repo/server, and is named index.html

Comment on this answer if you need help, as my website was made with this method, and I am quite familiar with it.

This page has a tutorial for setting up a github pages blog with embedded playable unity games: Serving Unity WebGL Builds from Github Pages - eric.log