How can i show points with this design?

Hi, I am working on one infinite game and for points i was using simple 3d font but now the requirement is points(Score) should be in (below image) this design manner how can i show score with this design if anyone know please help me…[26387-screen+shot+2014-05-09+at+12.40.42+pm.png|26387]

You’re talking about adding a stroke around your font?
Though you are able to use custom fonts, by dragging the font file into your Assets folder, and then applying it in something like a GUItext object, or a [var name : GUIStyle;] (apply it where the variable in the inspector reads: Font), unity doesn’t have a way of adding a stroke to text (the white outline surrounding your example).

This can be faked with multiple versions of your white text with 1 pixel (or so) offsets in the x and y axis, positioned behind your gray colored text.

Some people opt to use materials to fake this, but I’m unsure how to do that, and there is also middle-ware available on the asset store to help you out. Otherwise, there’s no way to code it, or flip a switch to make it appear.