How can I show proper quotation signs?

I have a text-heavy game and I need to properly show quotation signs but they are coming out weird. See attached image for further information.


How can I display it properly?

This is written like this:

string s = "\"Oy! Wake up!\"";

Almost all programming languages are using ASCII codes when it comes to program code. ASCII code only knows one type of quotation marks and all character sets which are based on ASCII also only have that one representation. If you want a different at the start and at the end, you have to use an appropriate Unicode character. Of course the font you are using has to support those characters.

I barely used Unicode characters in C# string constants, but i think this usually works:

    string s = "\u201COy! Wake up!\u201D";

Just looked it up (once more) and C# uses “\uXXXX” or “\UXXXXXXXX” for short and long unicode hex numbers. I changed my example code.