How can I show the time in this Day/Night Cycle Script

Hi all!

I have a day/night script that I have modified for my own purposes. I want to be able to show the time in the top right-hand corner. I have tried numerous ways but cannot find it so it can display a time like 16:42. It always goes past 60 and is about 5 decimal places long. If anyone can either help or modify the code for me, I will be very grateful. If I need to, I can post a .unitypackage file. Here is the code:


var slider : float;
var slider2 : float;
var Hour : float;
private var Tod: float;

var sun: Light;

var speed = 50;

var NightFogColor : Color;
var DuskFogColor : Color;
var MorningFogColor : Color;
var MiddayFogColor : Color;

var NightAmbientLight : Color;
var DuskAmbientLight : Color;
var MorningAmbientLight : Color;
var MiddayAmbientLight : Color;

var NightTint : Color;
var DuskTint : Color;
var MorningTint : Color;
var MiddayTint : Color;

var SkyBoxMaterial1 : Material;
var SkyBoxMaterial2 : Material;

var SunNight : Color;
var SunDay : Color;

//THIS WAS ADDED IN TUTORIAL NUMBER 24. It allows for changing the color that reflects of a water object.
//Uncheck IncludeWater if you are not interested in using this.
var Water : GameObject;
var IncludeWater = false;
var WaterNight : Color;
var WaterDay : Color;
var Hr : int;
var Min : int = Hour / 60 * 100;

function OnGUI () {

	if(slider >= 1.0)
		slider = 0;
	Hr = Hour;
	Min = Hour / 60 * 100;
	GUI.Label(Rect(Screen.width - 100, 20, 25, 100), Hr.ToString() + ":" + Min.ToString("f0"));

	//slider= GUI.HorizontalSlider( Rect(20,20,200,30), slider, 0,1.0);
	Hour= slider*24;
	Tod= slider2*24;
	sun.transform.localEulerAngles = Vector3((slider*360)-90, 0, 0);
	slider = slider +Time.deltaTime/speed;
	sun.color = Color.Lerp (SunNight, SunDay, slider*2);

	//THIS WAS ADDED IN TUTORIAL NUMBER 24. It allows for changing the color that reflects of a water object.
	//Uncheck IncludeWater if you are not interested in using this.
	if (IncludeWater == true)
		Water.renderer.material.SetColor("_horizonColor", Color.Lerp (WaterNight, WaterDay, slider2*2-0.2));

		slider2= slider;
		slider2= (1-slider);
	sun.intensity = (slider2-0.2)*1.7;

		//it is Night
		RenderSettings.skybox.SetFloat("_Blend", 0);
		SkyBoxMaterial1.SetColor ("_Tint", NightTint);
		RenderSettings.ambientLight = NightAmbientLight;
		RenderSettings.fogColor = NightFogColor;
		RenderSettings.skybox.SetFloat("_Blend", 0);
		RenderSettings.skybox.SetFloat("_Blend", (Tod/2)-2);
		SkyBoxMaterial1.SetColor ("_Tint", Color.Lerp (NightTint, DuskTint, (Tod/2)-2) );
		RenderSettings.ambientLight = Color.Lerp (NightAmbientLight, DuskAmbientLight, (Tod/2)-2);
		RenderSettings.fogColor = Color.Lerp (NightFogColor,DuskFogColor, (Tod/2)-2);
		//it is Dusk
		RenderSettings.skybox.SetFloat("_Blend", 0);
		RenderSettings.skybox.SetFloat("_Blend", (Tod/2)-3);
		SkyBoxMaterial2.SetColor ("_Tint", Color.Lerp (DuskTint,MorningTint,  (Tod/2)-3) );
		RenderSettings.ambientLight = Color.Lerp (DuskAmbientLight, MorningAmbientLight, (Tod/2)-3);
		RenderSettings.fogColor = Color.Lerp (DuskFogColor,MorningFogColor, (Tod/2)-3);
		//it is Morning
	RenderSettings.ambientLight = MiddayAmbientLight;
	RenderSettings.skybox.SetFloat("_Blend", 1);
	SkyBoxMaterial2.SetColor ("_Tint", Color.Lerp (MorningTint,MiddayTint,  (Tod/2)-4) );
	RenderSettings.ambientLight = Color.Lerp (MorningAmbientLight, MiddayAmbientLight, (Tod/2)-4);
	RenderSettings.fogColor = Color.Lerp (MorningFogColor,MiddayFogColor, (Tod/2)-4);

	//it is getting Midday

Any help is appreciated.



In cases like this, .NET string formatting is your friend. Just use a date/time format and pass the resultant, formatted string to the GUI Label. Easy!