How can i Solve this really annoying Shader error?

I’ve posted this on the forums but i think that was the wrong place, i was hoping this is the right place for it, so here it is:

I’ve been working on this game i created, and usually everytime i test it, i come up with a warning:

Shader wants texture coordinates, but the mesh(there is a blank space here) doesn’t have them

Now, i have narrowed the problem down to 9 meshes that all have blank names, so i am not sure which of them it is, so i try renaming the meshes, but i cant.

This problem is really annoying especially when debuging, because it creates 119 of these repeated warnings. They dont seem to effect the game very much.

Does anyone know the exact cause of this problem, and any idea how i would solve it?

I’ve been dealing with this issue myself and finally found a quick fix (for my circumstance at least).

My import settings for my mesh had the Normals and Tangents both set to “import”. I tried setting each to “calculate” and the issue went away. You can adjust the “smoothing angle” to try and achieve similar smoothing to the imported Normals and Tangents.

Also, if you need to narrow down which specific mesh is causing the issue, try deleting a mesh from the scene and then undoing the delete action. When the mesh comes back into the scene, the error will show up again if it’s the culprit!

Man, this was posted a long time ago…

Anyways, I found out it was just one of my models was corrupted, and by disabling/enabling certain gameobjects I managed to narrow it down and completely remove all of those related models and replaced them.

So basically what you just said.