How can i spawn my enemy prefab into different spawn locations with gradually increasing speed?

I’m trying to spawn my enemy prefab into the game but at different spawnpoints (there are 4 of them). I would like the enemy to spawn at one of the random spawnpoints at a speed of 1. Then i want the next enemy to spawn at one of the other spawn points (randomly) with a quicker speed this time (1.1 speed).

Id like the time between spawns to start at 2 seconds then decrease to a minimum of 0.5 seconds. Decreasing by 0.01 every spawn.
I want the speed of the prefab to increase by 0.1 every spawn to a maximum of 10.

Any help at all would be appreciated as I am quite new to scripting.

spawnTime =0;
spawnInterval = 2; // interval between two spawns.
spawnSpeed = 1; // speed of the spawns.
spawned = 0;

function spawnEnemy ()
if (spawned >10)

spawntime += Time.deltaTime;

if (spawnTime > spawnInterval)
       SpawnEnemy (spawnSpeed, location[spawned % 4]); // The modulus will keep looping within the 4 spawn locations

      spawned ++;// Increase the spawn counter

      spawnInterval -= 0.01; //reduce interval for next spawn
      spawnSpeed += 0.1; // increase speed for next spawn

      if (spawnInterval < 0.5)
          spawnInterval = 0.5;
      if (spawnSpeed > 10)
          spawnSpeed = 10;

      spawnTime = 0; // reset the time counter for the next spawn


} //end function

This is a quick pseudocode for whatever language you prefer. This should guide you towards a solution. Let me know if some thing is missing from this.