How can I "splat" a leaf texture randomly on my terrain?

Hello! My game uses realtime procedural generation for the terrain. I have a custom shader/material (made in shadergraph) for the terrain that handles transitions between biomes (i.e desert to grass).

I am working on using textures with the shader because right now it is only using colors (i.e. green for grass, tan for desert, etc.) But I’ve found that repeated tiled textures don’t look very good. So I am looking for ways to involved more randomness.

I thought it would be cool if I could “splat” a leaf texture randomly on the terrain (as well as other textures like pebbles).

But I’m not sure how this would be done (specifically with shadergraph). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Check out stochastic texture mapping, helps to remove the visible tiling. If you want to get some existing solution, take a look at MicroSplat, it has many cool features.