how can i split a word to individual letters..??

hi all.

i need some insights on how to accomplish this…

i already have an array of words… and it is shown in the scene as GUI.Label…

once its being played… words from the array is shown…

now… i need some codes/tips/ideas/etc to do this…

i want the words from the array appear in the scene as individual letters…

so it’ll be like…


in the GUI SCENE : B . A . L . L … C . H . I . C . K . E . N

any kind of help is appreciated…

thanks for your honorable a attention…

//incase it is string array. /declaration/

    var length:int=10;
    var names:String[];    // some values added to the array from editor, you can add it in code too ur wish
    var x=10;
    var y=100;
    var width=30;
    var height=30;
    function Start()
    function OnGUI()

        // to display the seperate  letters.
        for(var i=0;i<names.Length;i++)
           for(var j=0;j<names*.Length;j++)*



Update: changed as per @Bunny83 's suggestion

given a string str, you can access each character like an array e.g. str*. Maybe you can start with something like:*
string test = "chicken";
string output = "";
for(int i=0; i<test.Length; i++)