How can i split text file in unity and then spawn it as UI TEXT in game?

For example, I have a text file: small little girl lived in deep space. Her parents died, when she was three years old, since that time, she´s browsing space around her, finding new friends.

I need to spawn this text by words with one second delay…

it´s also can be done by creating new game object for each word, but i am sure, that it can be more easily…

it should works like this :

Small (1sec) little (1sec) girl (1sec)

lived(1sec) etc…

Thank you for answer

[SerializeField] private TextAsset _myTextAsset;
List words = _myTextAsset.text.split(" ").ToList();

And then run some sort of timer or coroutine over the words list storing current index.

Thank you… I tried to make it as you say, but i have a problem. is it possible to make a new text object directly from script? i am sorry, if my questions are stupid, i am new in unity, and i am working on one project and i try to learn it by way. for example… is little bit possible to make a script like this? i know some syntax is bad, but i think, you will understand, what i am trying to do…

List<string> words = _myTextAsset.text.split(" ").ToList();
    public float distanceX; // space between words
    public float distanceY; // space between lines
    public float endOfLineMultiplier; // multiplier for word.length 
    public float endOfLineIdentifier; // identifying end of line
    private float defaultYtransform;
    private float defaultXtransform;
    private float previousXTransform;
    private float previousYTransform;
    foreach string word in words // going throw list
     private text = new TextObject;
     text = word;
        if (endOfLineIdentifier >= (previousXTransform + distanceX + word.Length * endOfLineMultiplier)) // if end of line != 1 write word to this line
        text.Transform =  (previousXTransform + distanceX + word.Length * endOfLineMultiplier, previousYTransform , 0)
        else // if end of line = 1 , return to start of second line 
        text.Transform = (defaultXtransform,defaultYtransform + distanceY,0)
        defaultYtransform = (defaultYtransform + distanceY)

    Instantiate text;

Did you check Fully Flexible UI Text | GUI Tools | Unity Asset Store?
You can have each character as a separate UI Text and then changing it’s scale, position etc.