How can I start a game in black

Hey, so I’m making a game, and I want to start the game with a black screen, and an audio clip, and then end it the same way. How would I go about doing that? Is it a scripting thing?

If you have Unity Pro, you can play a clip of something black that is fading away slowly and put that movie in front of the camera. This can also be a scripting thing if you decide to approach this differently. You can have a plane with a black material in front of the camera and you can put a script on it that can wait for a few seconds, then destroy the plane. Also, for the audio clip, you can put the audio emitter on the plane and when the audio clip is finished, script it to destroy. Do you need an example script? Also, are you new? If you are new I recommend following some tutorials that you can find online. You can learn a lot and it will help you make any game you desire. You can start by going to and searching “Unity tutorials”. You will get a ton of results and you can start learning instantly.