How can I start learning Unity fast? ( List Of Tutorials )

Are there any tutorials to help learn Unity faster?

The most recent version of this list can be found at

and a video summarizing these Unity tutorials here:

The below list is very outdated.

Download the free version of Unity to get started:

If you have no previous experience with Unity, start with these six video tutorials which give a quick overview of the Unity interface and some important features

Continue with a more in-depth text-based walk through of very basic Unity functionality and work flow

Unity features twoscripting languages; JavaScript, C#, and Boo. Depending on your scripting language of choice, you might want to choose different tutorials to get started with Unity. Each tutorial link will also mention which scripting language is used. Most Unity tutorials available on the web are using JavaScript. Notice that JavaScript is commonly used for web applications. Unfortunately, books which cover JavaScript are normally of little use for Unity's implementation of JavaScript. But worry not, a vast amount of tutorials will follow...

**UPDATE** (28/10/2016) Boo is no longer available for scripting. UnityScript is slowly being replaced by C# in most Unity official tutorials and scripting API. Words are that it may be removed in future versions.

If you want to familiarize yourself with Unity's functionality more, browse through Unity's manual. You can skip the Basics section as we already went through this (see above).

For a printable version of the 600+ pages manual, see

To get up-to-date on Unity 3 functionality, check out the following official documentation: Unity 3 - What's new?

Unity Videos (including Tutorials) Link -

Live Online Unity Classes (currently for basic introduction to Unity)

Link -

You are now faced with the choice of tackling example projects provided by Unity Technologies or jump straight into user-generated tutorials. As the example projects are quite complex, I would suggest working through some video tutorials first. Nonetheless, here are the links for Unity's official example projects. They can be taken completely apart, reverse-engineered and reused for own projects.

3D Platform Game

2D Platform Game

Iphone tutorials and more example projects

More Unity Example projects

Brand New Car Tutorial (April 2010)

Now, let's head on to TUTORIALS. This list starts with mostly basic and general tutorials at the top and lists more specific tutorials at the end.

Will Goldstone, author of the Unity Game Development book, worked on a series of helpful video tutorials here (using JavaScript): (also More recently by Will Goldstone:

TornadoTwins Video Tutorials They show step by step how to create a simple game using Javascript.

UnityPrefabs - New Project by the Tornado Twins - soon to be launched

Walker Boys Studio - Unity Tutorials from the Guildhall at SMU (an extensive list of tutorials with more on the way) free.html">

CannedMushroom Video Tutorials (Unity and other software) This is a series of projects intended for 2-hour self-instructed lessons using JavaScript

Unity Jumpstart Proof of Concept Game to learn creating your own game from the ground up Series of Unity tutorials (among many other tutorials) registration required (free) * working with asset server * advanced c# version of unity jumpstart tutorial (see above) * MonoDevelop and Unity Iphone * SpriteManager

BurgZergArcade - Unity Tutorials Hack&Slash Tutorial using C# and plenty of other information and useful tutorials website -

UnityScript Basics (Scripting Basics for Noobs) If you're new to scripting, read up on this good introduction to scripting in Unity. Lots of analogies are provided which makes it really easy to understand. The details are explained for UnityScript, but the introduction is great for any scripting language. website -

Unity 3D Tutorial Several tutorials on Unity 3D from scripting basics to advanced procedural level generation. New tutorials, free assets and tips posted on a regular basis. website -

UnityLabs Text-based tutorials with screenshots covering a wide range of topics incl. scripting (using JavaScript), basic introduction to unity, character controllers, and user interfaces

InfiniteAmmo Tutorial General Introduction to Unity (3 parts so far) Some scripting covered using Javascript (e.g. movement controls)

Technicat Introduction to Game Development with Unity including Workflow, Scripting, GUI, Version Control, etc.

Advanced Media Lab at North Carolina State University

GearTech Games 4 Videos on how to work through a project (and more videos)

  • workflow between Modo and Unity
  • lightmapping

Making Sense of Unity These video tutorials provide more indepth coverage of unity scripting using Javascript (not meant to be introductory material)

  • lecture style explanations of concepts
  • more entertaining and not like most other screen-capture tutorials :)

Virtual Autonomy Guide for working with Google SketchUp and Unity (also shaders and multi-user environments) text-based with screenshots

Robotduck - Blog The blog of this Unity user provides tips on Unity scripting and functionality and showcases some of his projects

Ethical Games Unity Tutorials for Flash Developers

Car Tutorial Physics Setup for a car, AI for driving around racetrack

Terrain Tutorial seven videos on how to create terrains in Unity from heightmaps to finish

In-Depth Terrain Tutorial text-based with screenshots forum thread

Paul Bourke -Unity for stereoscopic display text-based with screenshots

Paul Bourke Unity and Idome text-based with screenshots

RENCI Unity for Dome projections

Official Unity Tech. Tutorial for the Animation View (NEW) 3-part-series of video tutorials

Texture Painting Tutorial - explanation of how to draw surface Textures for several (sci-fi) object, using Photoshop:


VTC - Unity tutorial (subscription based content on (subscription based tutorials, Unity-related content among other software like Maya, 3DS Max, Photoshop)

Unity-Tutorials (mostly paid and some free tutorials)


Once you went through some or all of these tutorials, you should be creating your own content in no time. Next, I'll provide an overview of general resources for Unity. Whenever you need to find some information about Unity, scripting, projects, collaborations or anything Unity-related, check these links out:

Searching for resources - The All-In-One Unity Reference Search credit goes to Robotduck for providing this link to the public; tremendous time saver (see

Unity Scripting Reference

Unity Component Reference each available Component described in detail

Unity Wiki (UnifyCommunity)

Unity Answers Invaluable when you have specific questions about Unity or Scripting This link should also get you started on learning Unity

Unity Forum

Unity Feedback feature request go here

Unity IRC Point your favorite IRC client to and join #unity3d to chat in real time.

Overview of Unity Resources

Overview of Unity blogs


Lastly, I want to list extensions and tools which can make your life as a Unity developer easier.

Unity Extensions

  • Terrain Toolkit

  • External Lightmapping Tool

  • Locomotion System

  • Explosion Framework

  • Head Look Controller overview of some extensions Unity youtube and vimeo channels

Visual C# Express free IDE for C#

AngryAnt One of Unity's developers provides projects to extend Unity's functionality (e.g. pathfinding and AI)

sturestone's A* Pathfinding (currently version 2.9) forum thread -*-Pathfinding-2.9-Is-Released-(Unity-3-Compatible)

Weltenbauer Augmented Reality / Webcam Input

forum threads: (Webcam Toolkit) (ARToolkit Extension) (UnityAR)

SeeingMachines FaceAPI / VisionBlaster Head Tracking in Unity (purchase required) and

Mostly Tigerproof Using Google Analytics and Unity to track game stats This is a blog entry about Google Analytics and Unity

Antares Project - Extensive Set of Tools to extend the Unity Editor - Open Source; forum thread -

Antares Deformator (Work in Progress) - deforming meshes realistically forum thread -

UniWii WiiMote implementation forum thread

Decal Framework - (purchase required) forum thread -

Unity Terrain Tools - EasyRoads (purchase required) forum thread

Six Times Nothing - Road/Path Tool and River Tool

Dastardly Banana - FPS Weapon Tool, Radar example

Starscene Software - Tools, Games and Utilities for Unity (purchase required for utilities)

GUIX - visual Menu/GUI builder (purchase required)

EZ Game Saver - saving tool (purchase required)

FireTool - create realistically spreading fire to your scene

Overview of extensions on UnifyWiki

LightUp (purchase required) Extension of Google Sketchup (Lighting Solution) which works nicely for exporting lightmaps to Unity

PureLight (purchase required) Lighting solution for importing lightmaps to Unity

Stereoscopic Solutions 3D Anaglyph System (purchase required) Stereoskopix3D

Plugin for Kinect's Primesense Camera forum thread -

Unity Web Suite - tutorials and examples in C# to create online content forum thread - website -

Yes, there are lots, although no resources that I've found which relate specifically from those coming from a Director background. However, I think once you get stuck in you'll feel quite at home relatively quickly (I did).

Have a look at these search results for Unity Tutorials

Also check out the Tutorials page on the Unity Wiki

In the Unity Online Manual, there are some Tutorials.

**OBSOLETE**There's also a book about Unity which has had some good reviews.

Also, for learning the scripting language, if you choose to learn C#, there are loads of general (non-unity-specific) C# tutorials out there which can be a great help.

If you are looking for good website to getting started so i recommend you to use unity’s official docs and tutorial, and you are searching for other websites and YouTube channels then you should check this out. start learning unity fast

Apart from tutorials, you might also be interested in our online 4-day course on Game Development with Unity:

Its interactive so you can ask questions from the instructor, and share your screen live. Its only over weekends, and since we are doing this live for the first time ( we usually do in-person at various institutions), its very affordable.

To register, Email

My channel has around 110 unity3d tutorials and others covering Javascript for begginers :slight_smile:

Unity Tutorials to help new comers get used to the
program; I hope people find it helpful.

Here’s the list for every tutorial I made for Unity

2D Tutorials

  1. Unity 2D Tutorial - Setup and Edit Import

  2. Unity 2D Tutorial - Layers - Collider and Setup First Scene

  3. Unity 2D Tutorial - Player Movement and Jumper

  4. Unity 2D Tutorial - Animation and Animator

  5. Unity 2D Tutorial - Camera Setup and Level Setup

  6. Unity 2D Tutorial - Coin and GameOver Hole

  7. Unity 2D Tutorial - Sound and Background Music

  8. Unity 2D Tutorial - Background and Particle Clouds

  9. Unity 2D Tutorial - Break Brick

  10. Unity 2D Tutorial - GUI Hearts

  11. Unity 2D Tutorial - Health Potion

  12. Unity 2D Tutorial - Door and Key (Error Fix)

  13. Unity 2D Tutorial - Draw Score

Unity 2D 4.3 - Lighting on 2D Sprites

3D Tutorials

  1. Unity 3D Tutorial - Importing Models

  2. Unity 3D Tutorial - Movement

  3. Unity 3D Tutorial - Animator

  4. Unity 3D Tutoral - Follow Player AI

How to make a Music Game - Video Series

How to make a Music Game - Unity Tutorial 1-6

How to make a Music Game - Unity Tutorial 2-6

How to make a Music Game - Unity Tutorial 3-6

How to make a Music Game - Unity Tutorial 4-6

How to make a Music Game - Unity Tutorial 5-6

How to make a Music Game - Unity Tutorial 6-6

Sunrisekingdom Youtube

FREE JAVA CODES–java-tutorial.html

FREE PUBLIC DOMAIN MODELS—low-poly-models.html

I have found these 2 designer coder that give a new twist to making RPG based games generaly tied to Final Fantasy 7 style games, the run and search with instant battles…

His videos show usage of coding first to get a structure and then as its in early stages (still 21 tutorials and growing) his teachings are far from the Corporate selling aspect but more like a personal teacher guiding you through things like Serialization, Items, potions, battle stages, etc too much to list but i guarantee you wont be disappointed… did i mention he will make sure he replies to your issues… right theres a winner…

On another note
Thomas Greener
Has a slightly different approach, but with the break down and 100% working code with the latest version of Unity, has captured a angle of coding and structure that allows you to Really interact with the two designer/coders… but also is in the early stages of producing and im sure his productivity and his dedication to Also answer question about his work and adding things in a timely manner, this is one not to miss either…

i will be posting work i completed from both sets… and im just a knowledge bin learning and had NO prior knowledge before i went on my adventure with these two…

Hope this helps the community…

OzcorpsDesigns - aka Matt - ole school boyee learning new tricks

Brackeys (Brackeys - YouTube) has quite a few tutorials and is great for beginners

Guys, For the latest Unity 5 tutorials you can refer to this

It contains very useful tips and tricks

here is a youtube channel for learning unity in hindi or urdu language it has 250 + videos .

You can learn on Udemy or on unity . On Udemy there are many Good courses that you can find about Unity.Search For courses above 30 hours length. start By beginner level than Intermediate level, Or start by Unity Lectures. Start With Roller ball if you know nothing about unity.Learn from unity 5 and above.
List Of tutorials(If You are Very Beginner , Or ). The first one is for absolutely beginner.

Well, I have gotten PRETTY good at game dev. (not stellar tho) And Jimmy Vegas on Youtube, really helped me out, or Brackeys, and N3K EN. Hope it helps! :wink:

There are many FREE COURSE of unity here From Programming to Art (pixel art, blender, voxel art, animations, Networking for multiplayer games) and much more Check it out!,
i hope tou guys like it