How can I start scripting C# with Unity (specially 2D & Android platform)?

Hey there!
I have a problem. I can understand C++ and C# syntaxes, but I can’t figure it out how the Unity scripts work. I know basic things such as functions or classes.
Some people redirected me to script reference and it seems like an encyclopedia to me instead of some tutorial matter.
It was so confusing and I messed up.
I also watch some videos of and digitaltutorials and they don’t explain everything and suddenly they type a lot of weird codes!
I’m getting so hopeless and I don’t know where should I start.
Please help me.
Thank you.

In Unity official site there is a “Learn” option. Click it, and go to tutorials and scripting. You have a lot of basics and advanced tutorials explained in C#. For 2D there is a special roguelike project with conversion to mobile platform. You can watch this videos in tutorials menu.