How can i stop my player from being able to jump up walls?

I have no idea and i have tried all day...

This is a little late but for anyone that still has this problem, here is an easy way to stop your character from jumping up walls:

function OnControllerColliderHit(hit : ControllerColliderHit) {

	if(hit.normal.y <= 0.6)
	//character cannot jump because terrain is too steep!
    //perhaps force could also be added to player..
	//character can jump - terrain isn't too steep!


You will of course have to add/replace the comments with a means of stopping the player from jumping. In my case I used a boolean variable named canJump in my ThirdPersonController. Hope this helps solve your problem :wink:

If you are using character controller for your player , you can set slopeLimit 30 or lower in Inspector. It will limit the slope that player can climb up when moving.

Make sure that the box collider you use for your player for ground check isn’t touching the wall when you hit it.Sorry for my bad english.