How can I stop the standard car asset auto reversing with Logitech steering wheel

Hi All,

I’ve had a bit of a search but not found the answer I am after…

I have successfully got the logitech steering wheel installed and working with the standard car asset. I can drive and steer and all the rest which is great.

My issue is that the car starts the game automatically driving in reverse, and it auto breaks. Obviously it is taking NO input as the break input but I am not actually sure what to edit to fix this. If I press nothing the car reverses, what should happen is that when I break the car stops and then reverses if I keep breaking. Before installing the steering wheel the car would not reverse unless I used the break key (s).

I am not much of a programmer and never made a car game before, so any assistance on what to edit would be greatly appreciated.

I am using Unity 2019.2.4 and the old Input system.

Hi I have been suffering the exact same issue with my G29. Which Logitech simulation set are you using?

Hey @anseyder, i’m having this problem with the cars in the Vehicle Tools project, and a Logitech steering wheel. Did you guys get anywhere with this?

I might have figured this out, i’m using the new input system, and i was reading the values in all wrong. I tried various settings in the input action window, but could not figure it out. Then i looked at the Input Debugger, to see what was actually coming out of the steering wheel / pedals. The pedal changed three things:

Stick Up
stick (the “y” portion of it, anyway)

I created a new 2D Vector InputAction, mapped the accelerator to up, mapped the brake to down, and mapped stick left and right. I had to change my code, and the way it read the values into my code, and also had to do some normalising. But my car doesnt reverse automatically any more, or when i steer left or right.

I hope this helps, i’m somewhat of a beginner at all this.