How can I store Asset Bundles on a iOS device with the initial download?

My game downloads asset bundles from the web and stores them using the WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload method.

Instead of downloading these assets at runtime, I would like to package them with the build and load them using the WWW(“file://…”) method.

How can I copy these asset bundles into my build, so that they become available on the iOS filesystem as soon as the game has been installed?

I haven’t tried this yet but I found this article describing how to bundle the assetbundles with the iOS build:

File Based AssetBundles on the iPhone

Just put them on Resources, a special folder.

As Cawas said, just put them in the Resources folder which is a special folder. One purpose of Asset Bundles is to reduce your file size by not shipping the whole assets of your game together. So, if you wanna ship them together, then you shouldn’t use Asset Bundles, instead you can use Resources folder.