How can i stretch the camera render view?

Hello everybody,

I want to make Unity Side-by-Side 3D ready, so that you’re able to play your games on a 3D Television in real 3D. The problem with that is, that the TV does the both Screenhalfs unstreching. (I don’t know how to write that right) I try to explain:
For Side-By-Side 3D you need two cameras, which renderings you can see in the same time on the screen (like Splitscreen). But the problem is, that these screens are unscaled/unstreched, but the TV does unstreching the images. Because you have a screen resolution of 1920x1080p (FullHD), that you can have two cameras on this each one needs 960x1080p, but with streched content from 1920x1080 down to 960x1080p.
I hope you can understand me, it’s really hard to explain.

Now I need to strech the camera render view in x, or horizontal. Does anyone have an idea, how can i reach this?

I thank you all for your time and hope someone could help me :slight_smile:


Google unity stereo 3d, but see this too:!-Released
There are more options than side-by-side.
I have used side-by-side with decent results, but the best is when you can use RenderTexture to get them exactly how you want.