How can I subscribe to RSS feeds on UnityAnswers?

What are the possibilities of subscribing to questions/answers via RSS?

Can I subscribe to tags, unanswered, newest or other configurations?

So far I've seen you can subscribe to these:

Questions list:


By tag:


Follow single question:


Your browser should display an RSS icon on any page where there is a feed available. On UnityAnswers, there are feeds available for specific questions, specific tags, for the main list of questions, and even for specific users (although not, it seems, for the Unanswered questions list).

Simply click the RSS icon on any page that you want to follow, where it's available.

In most browsers, the RSS icon looks like an orange square with white lines radiating from the bottom corner, and is located either in the command bar or the address bar near the top of your browser.

On the UnityAnswers site, you'll also find a "subscribe" link at the bottom right of any page that is subscribable. Scroll down to see the subscribe link for this question, for example!

you can also subscribe to your own user page


sadly this lists your activity but isn't a catch all for responses to any questions you ask :( That would be excellent!