How can I switch paths by pressing a button?

Hi all,
I am working on a personal project and having a bit of trouble on achieving something. I have a car which i want to follow a path but on a junction, i need a button that can switch the car’s Path.

Can anyone please help me in the right direction or if there is any tutorial or anything. I tried finding for something similar but mostly its just path follow tutorials out there!
alt text

@Magso has a point, if you know the current node of the car and you store it in a variable, and you know that that node has multiple connections, then by using an if statement if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.C)) for example, you can then tell the car to use a different waypoint than the one intended (or a random point connected to the current point) which should change the direction of the car.

This is all assuming two main things:

1.That you have stored the current waypoint ID

2.That each node has a script attached to it that helps you get the nodes connected to that node so you would be able to get the next nodes using

Node[] nodes = currentnode.GetComponent<Node>().nextNodes;
foreach(Node node in nodes){
        //this is a node that could be your next path.