how can i take reference to the clone and not to the Gameobject?

I have some GameObjects, and 2 of them are instatiate randomically, (it is a fight game)
the AI, needs to know witch one is the main_character, well… the AI only look to the gameObject and not to this clone. (if i dont delete the gameobjec, the AI fight with the Game Object, but if there is only the clone, nothing rappens), please, help me XD, how can the AI see the clone (that will be instatiate)??


Im kinda new at unity, but as far as i know you can use TAGs to identify the prefab and then use a FOR LOOP to go throught each one, or as far as i know all clones without a defined name are called TheNameOfTheGameObject (Clone), so you can use that name, but i think might be better to use the for loop with tags.

See what more experienced ppl say about this.