how can i target a nother cube from a script

i made a script where by clicking on a cube/button it moves how do i make it so that when i click it it moves a nother cube not the cube that i clickd pls help here is the script:

var speed : float = 0.2;
var timer : float = 0;
var player = this;

function Update (){
   if(timer >= 1)

//here is the line wherei would like to move a nother cube

      this.transform.position.x += this.speed;            

function OnMouseDown () {

function OnMouseUp () {

i would like i tthat when it says:

this.transform.position.x += this.speed;

it would move a nother cube pls help tnx

Yo your such a noob… omg … you need to declare the object as a var. public Gameobject something;
since it’s a public Gameobject you can set the Gamobject variable to be equal to your desired object in the inspector. In your code change the this. to something. something being your new Game Object variable you just created. ALso learn how to code c# my response was in c# who still uses java script wtf noob.