How can I tell if a question has already been asked?

There's nothing makes you feel sillier than asking a question in a public forum and then getting an answer which is a link to a previously asked question. So how can I tell if my question has already been asked before?

That's a good custom search you can use to search things Unity related...

Also with google's normal search doing either Unity3d after whatever you need to look up, or doing at begining helps...

Also, the search at the top of this page...

These 3 ways should help you enough to not feel like an idiot =).

You can (and should):

Or you can kill most of those birds with one stone, and do a google search for:

"(insert search keywords)"

This often turns up more hits than simply going through the searches listed above. Note that this will include docs, answers and forum, but not the wiki.

(Sorry about posting another answer, but I need formatting I can't get in a comment ...)

Justin's custom search link deserves a +10, in lieu of which, here are instructions for adding it as a built-in search engine in Chrome.

Now to search, type "unity" in the address bar, cursor down a line to "Search Unity" and type your keywords. And never feel like an idiot again! (well, here's hoping :-)

I'm sure this is possible in other browsers too.

I didn't enjoy that CSE from Justin / Duck / Cu3ert because Custom Searches are far from Google Searches. It lacks so many features! I can't claim to have seem a nice Custom Search, at least.

So I've rolled an alternate one using just regular google and the same idea yoyo posted in one of the answers. Hope more people find it useful too: It's just a matter of adding a keyword to the following link, be it on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, using Stand or Keywurl, or even Internet Explorer:


If you need a URL properly formatted it should be more something like this (just right click and copy).