How can I track an object irl and reflect its movement in Unity

I’m building a digital twin of a workspace in unity to be used in Oculus VR and I need to track the position of a table in real life and update its position in the unity project in real time. I’ve been working with the vuforia library as a way to track a marker on the table and that way get the updates on its position but I’ve been kinda stuck without knowing how to proceed with this. Am I on the correct path and if so, what steps can I follow or is there an easier way to achieve this?

Vuforia’s computer vision library allows you to track physical objects using markers. However, marker-based tracking might have limitations, such as occlusion and poor lighting conditions affecting tracking accuracy. If you’re facing challenges with marker-based tracking, you might consider another approach.

Since you mentioned Oculus, Instead of using markers, you can utilize the capabilities of Oculus Rift, for inside-out tracking. This provides sensor data to track the position and orientation of the user and objects in the environment. Oculus provides APIs to access this data.

However, I suggest you use Unity’s AR Foundation and anchors for achieving real-time object tracking and placement in AR. AR Foundation provides a cross-platform framework that supports both marker-based and markerless tracking, making it suitable for your project.