How can I transfer electronic circuit signal to unity without direct connection??

I want to make experience tool looks like a image file.
It has electronic circuit connected with 6 touch buttons, battery and bluetooth in the box.
In this case, what kind of signal should be input to the unity program in computer?
(circuit maker said to me like this… )

I don’t know about this kind of technology well.
so if this question need more detail, please ask me.


There are several ways you could do this. The most obvious way that I could think of would be with a keyboard emulator, but wireless keyboard emulators are not readily available. What I would do is put an Arduino with an Xbee transmitter in the standalone box, and attach an Xbee receiver to the PC. Your transmitter would send data to the receiver so you know what buttons are being pressed.

However you approach it, you’re going to need to learn how to use some hardware and perhaps a bit of software you may not be familiar with. This is a good starting point: