How can I transfer large file sizes over the LLAPI NetworkTransport?

I’m writing a script to synchronize the positions of holograms between two Hololens using the LLAPI Transport Network. I’m working off of the documentation for spatial anchor sharing on the Unity Documentation. I tallied up how large a transfer batch with one World Anchor is and It came in at ~160MB. I can only get my networking script to transfer a batch of about 1000 bytes, so even at 60 transfers per second this adds up to around 45 minutes to transfer a single WorldAnchor. But even reaching this rate is challenging as there seems to be a bottle neck under the hood. At around 250 Send() calls I begin receiving a NetworkError of NoResources. Is there something I’m missing for the network initialization or is there no way to realistically transfer large sets of data using the LLAPI in a timely manner? I would even be happy to find someone who has had success with the Unity NetworkTransport API.

Sigh. This is still an issue. Did you find a solution? @tjmarshall