How can I trigger two animation

Hi, I making a Pirate game when player is in the ballroom, and I want to tok with lady and ask her for a dance. So, I need a UI button with text Press ENTER for dance, and start animation where player ask for dance, and NPC agree or not. After that animation begins. I have Animation for player and NPC, I know how to start animation for NPC, but my player is static. How can I trigger both animation in same time. Sorry for my bad english! Same thing I need for animated finish scene in fight when player finished npc.

You said “I know how to start animation for NPC”.
Can you explain in detail how you do this?

A use script, so when player enter in collider area, I have UI button on screen with texst Press Enter to dance with lady", after that my npc lady start dance, I made animation in daz studio and animated player and npc. But, how can I trigger my player to dance? NPC dance alone. Second, when we took /conquer enemy ship, I want preatty same animation like in Assasins Creed Black Flag.
The poinbt is, how can I triger player and aNPC in same time to player my animation?