How can i turn on the Unity c# projects option in the build settings for a universal Windows platform in Unity 2017.2??

I have unity 2017.2 and can not turn on the c# projects option in the build settings. I need this for building my application. So can anyone help me?


Same problem here, I can’t do anything in the newest Unity version.
I have turned on Mixed Reality in the Player Settings, but I can’t even find the right SDK in the build settings.
This version of Unity is kinda worthless…

Hello, even if you do what @pako says you wont be able to fix this problem. Is a know issue in this version. I had the same project. I do not know the status of your project however I have solved it with this new Beta Version.

I can assure that this works but I do not know what would be the problem for your project. Regards,

Thank you all for your answers. I am actually doing a project with the HoloLens to. So maybe I should give some more background information with my question.

However, after spending some more time on the internet, I found out it was a settings issue. The way i solved this is by setting the scripting backend option to .NET agian. You can find this option under player option → other settings → configuration and then put the scripting backend option to .NET. I hope that this works for others ass well!

If this is an issue yet:
I also had the same problem, but I could solve it easily by changing the “Scripting Backend” to .NET in the player settings.
Hope this helps :slight_smile: