How can I update timer using a collision?

I have a empty game object called Clock with this script attached, I want to try and add time when I collid into another game object.

var timer : float = 10.0; //Create varable Timer of type float

function Update () 
    timer -= Time.deltaTime;//Varable time decrements from set value (10.0)
    if(timer <= 0)//When timer = 0
            timer = 0;
            Application.LoadLevel(6);//loads the game over scene

function OnGUI ()
     GameObject.Find("TimerText").GetComponent.<UI.Text>().text="Timer:" + timer.ToString("0");

My Second script is on the game object I want to collid with once I hit this it should update the timer but I cant figure out where Im going wrong

import UnityEngine.UI;

function OnTriggerEnter (info:Collider)//when trigger enters 
    var pickUpAudio : AudioSource = GetComponent.<AudioSource>();
    pickUpAudio.Play ();
    //Timer.timer +=10;/
    transform.position = Vector3(0,-1000,0);
    yield WaitForSeconds (1.5);
    Destroy (gameObject);/


Start a coruotine of 10 seconds and add time.