How can I upload/download data between a website and the game engine?

I was searching for a way to upload/download data between a website and the game engine and I was looking at the previous questions but I didnt find a useful answer, while searching the web I found google’s “firebase SDK” for Unity, I dont know anything about websites and databases and my question is that is it possible to use firebase between the game engine and the website for uploading/downloading data? If it is possible then where can I learn that and is there any kind of coding libraries that I can use and is there any tutorials that show how this is done? (I use JavaScript for coding)
Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

basically you can form a TCP connection and send anything you want to or from an http server with the unitys WWW function it will send raw requests and retrive raw data from any URL.

if you are wanting to talk to a standard webserver supporting some other standard GET/POST functions i think you might want to check into this though i have never used it:

also you have the full C# net libriary at your disposal if you server has specific needs of control at a TCP or UDP level to form connections.

really to get a specific answer it depends on how your server is set up? is it an old school web server like appachie? or node? or hand written? or someone else’s server allready setup? do you need advise on how to set up a server? Unity will truly talk to anything. if you just want to send recieve in the same way a webbrowser does. just stick to the WWW function