How can I use a loop for multiple object position assignment?

I have the following code to assign wheels to mount points. It seem rather long. How do I put this in a loop? wheel 1…n GameObjects are assigned from Inspector.

   var mount1 :  Transform = GameObject.FindWithTag ("WheelMount1").GetComponent("Transform");
	wheel1.transform.position = mount1.transform.position; 
	var mount2 :  Transform = GameObject.FindWithTag ("WheelMount2").GetComponent("Transform");
	wheel2.transform.position = mount2.transform.position;
	var mount3 :  Transform = GameObject.FindWithTag ("WheelMount3").GetComponent("Transform");
	wheel3.transform.position = mount3.transform.position;
	var mount4 :  Transform = GameObject.FindWithTag ("WheelMount4").GetComponent("Transform");
	wheel4.transform.position = mount4.transform.position;
	var mount5 :  Transform = GameObject.FindWithTag ("WheelMount5").GetComponent("Transform");
	wheel5.transform.position = mount5.transform.position;
	var mount6 :  Transform = GameObject.FindWithTag ("WheelMount6").GetComponent("Transform");
	wheel6.transform.position = mount6.transform.position;

How about something like:

private function setPosition (transform : Transform, positionTag : String) {
	transform.position = getPosition(positionTag);

private function getPosition (positionTag : String) : Vector3 {
    return gameObject.FindWithTag(positionTag).GetComponent.<Transform>().position;

And then:

setPosition(wheel1.transform, "WheelMount1");
setPosition(wheel2.transform, "WheelMount2");