How can i use a spotlight to spot on specific area ?

For some reason there is no light like it’s turned off.

In the first screenshot it’s showing the game view.
On the left in the Hierarchy i have a Platform and i want to spot a light on the Platform so i added a spotlight as child to the Platform.

The Platform have a material i set it’s color to black and also set it’s Rendering mode to cutout.
The spotlight range is 30 and angle 124.

The second image is the scene view you can see the platform and spotlight above it.

The Main Camera it’s Clear Flags set to Solid Color
And the Background is black.

The problem is how do i use the spot light to light specific spot/area on the platform ?

I tried already to raise the pixel light count in the quality settings but it didn’t change anything.


Rendering Mode Should be Opaque.

you can copy these exact settings down below. (note that metalic , smoothness & emission)