how can i use Animator.Play() method reseting animation that was playing before?

this is confusing i know, but i’ll explain better.
I’m making an FPS Game, and when i use Animator.Play,
the shoot anim plays BUT, there is a problem:
The shoot animation don’t have the same firerate time, so, when i shot, the animation Play, but if the shoot anim is playing, if the animation don’t reach the end, the shoot anim will not reset.
So, it’s quite smth like, shoot 2 or 3 bullets(depending on RPM) will play the shoot anim once, because Animation.Play function don’t reset Animations that is currently playing.
i could split the shoot anim, but this would take some time, doing for all guns,
there’s a way to do this using semelhant function as Animator.Play ?

Hello, have you tried checking the exit time off? If exit time is active then your animation must reach the end before it can transition to anything else.

yes, i use it a lot, but i don’t want to mess arounc with Animator booleans, since it would mess with the interface i think? There’s no other solution?