How can i use my 3d models

I Have this zombie model and this wolf model And i can’t use either of them even when there set as “player” Am i missing something?

And the 3rd person controller is out?

When you say “even when there set as “player””, I suppose you mean you’ve the tag to player. The tag is only a string that can describe a group of object with different names (apples, bananas and oranges could have the tag fruit, or food etc). It’s usefull when you want to check if an object belong to that group (typically in collision detection) or when you want to look for such an object (FindWithTag is much faster than Find).

You’re obviously starting with Unity, I suggest you do some tutorials. Just type “Unity Tutorial” on google, or “Tutorial” / “Learn” in the search box here. Having a character move is a little more complicated than that. There is some packages doing it, but you need to understand them first.

im guessing your trying to make a character move and walk just like the default guy does in unity, this will not work you have to do it all yourself, if you have never used unity i would recommend watching some tutorials by will goldstone. but characters will not just work, the have to have their brain programmed to say.

however saying that your doing a zombie so i don’t know where the brain would be lol