How can i using a break point if a gameobject have a collider after added to it ?

void Start()
waypoints = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag(“ClonedObject”);
robots = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag(“Robots”);


        originalPosition = robots[0].transform.position;
        reverseOriginalPosition = robots[1].transform.position;

And the AddColliderToWaypoints

void AddColliderToWaypoints()
        foreach (GameObject go in waypoints)
            SphereCollider sc = go.AddComponent<SphereCollider>() as SphereCollider;
            sc.isTrigger = true;

Then i put a break point in the Start function once on the line:


And then i’m using the mouse to look on the waypoints array and look into the first gameobject. It should be without a collider yet but how do i know it when looking on the gameobject in the array ?

And then i put a break point on the next line after the AddColliderToWaypoints(); to see if it’s added the colliders and again i’m looking on the first waypoints array gameobject item but i don’t see something else or new that added to it.

what am i missing ? Or what/where should i looking for in the gameobject properties after added a collider to it ?

You can check it now has a collider, like gameObject.GetComponent<SphereCollider>() != null.
Unless you really want to use break points, you can also use Debug.Log() and Debug.Break();
The latter will pause the runtime, the former will output anything you pass to it, and can highlight a game object that you pass as second parameter. Like

if (gameObject.GetComponent<SphereCollider>() == null)
    Debug.Log ("object doesn't have sphere collider", gameObject);

Then if you click on the message on the console, it will highlight the game object.
Note that you can pass components and not just game objects.