How can I view the video tutorials on the website?

I am using Snow Leopard and all I get when I go to the video tutorials on the Unity website is a big question mark. How can I view these videos?

We do seem to have some problems on the hosting page for the videos. If you instead click on the following link:

You'll get the first video playing back in Safari.

(I think it is the spaces in the name of the video that is causing the problem.)

Once you have viewed the video once you can then see it embedded in the page as normal.

These are the direct links:

I had this problem at first when I upgraded to Snow Leopard. I just had to do some upgrades to solve the issue.

Have you tried updating your multimedia plug-ins (Quicktime)?

If you want to watch the videos within a browser, you might want to try updating Safari and/or Firefox to see if that makes a difference.