How can i walk throw collider

if i hade acollider at the front of me how can i walk throw it without removing it collider? and adding it Becouse it will affect on other things in the game so what iam asking for is How To make my character able to walk throw that Object and all the Object Can’t?

Create a new layer called playerPass (or any name you like that reminds you what it does.) Just select Layers (right-top) then create and enter it in slot 8 or below. While you are there, create a layer named Player (or any name you like.)

Put your player on layer Player and the walls she can walk through on layer playerPass.

Finally, tell the system that player pass doesn’t block players. Go to edit->Project->Physics, Open the LayerCollisionMatrix and uncheck the box when Player nad PlayerPass meet. They now no longer interact.

You can read more in the docs for LayerBasedCollision detection

Or… make it a Trigger. See the Collider box and check ‘is trigger’. Depends on your usage. Also, by ‘throw’ you need the word ‘through’, sorry to be a grammatical nut.