How can I write arabic language in unity 5?

please , I need a help . Unity 5 doesn’t support arabic language . the word apear like seperated letter only .I need any method help me to write arabic. I find one plugin but It compitable with unity 3 only .
could you help me ?thank’s in advance.

how come a program like unity doesn’t support arabic language ,
there is over 400 million ppl speaks arabic !!

there is an addon supports right to left languages it costs 60$ WTF !!

By looking at the ppl who follow this quesion we need unity Developers to Add -right to left languages in Unity2017.1 -it’s called 2017 for a reason i guess !! …

Use my free plugin: Arabic Support for Unity | GUI Tools | Unity Asset Store
You can find it open sourced at github as well.

First and best solution is using Textmesh pro. Now it has TextMeshProGUI component which is the best choice for Arabic and Persian and RTL languages for UI and you can use it in canvas. having mesh in this component name Don’t let mislead you. It can be used in canvas and UI and is even better than default Text ui text component of unity. It has no any margin problem or multi line problem.

If you want a very quick solution you can use this package as simple as

yourText.faConvert ();

for multi-line support you should set line spacing to -1.

Next solution is using the package you refer to or a better version can be found here. the only problem with this packages is some margin problems. but you should change all the text component with RTLText component so when TextMeshPro is available there is no any reason to use it anymore.

The last solution is to use this localization asset which has some auto fix for RTL languages. For multi line support you can set line spacing to -1 or it has a simple solution to break line on a constant length.