How can it be achieved better graphics and lower loading time in UNITY WebGL (especially for mobile browsers)?

Currently I am working on game project for WebGL. I completed the whole functionality and exported the project for WebGL . Although, I can manage good quality for textures and UI in web browsers (Firefox, Chrome) the quality turned into unbelievable trash while playing on mobile devices (especially, in the landscape mode and it is needed to play in landscape mode, too)…

I have searched a lot and read almost all Unity documentations , but hardly can find anything that can solve my problem…

I understand the WebGL does not support the mobile devices, however I need to ask there is any way to solve my problem? If someone faced with the same situtation, and could handle it?

Thank you in advance, any help will be appreciated a lot!!!

@fred_03_99 I’m not sure about this one. I’m sure you already know this but it’s worth mentioning that a css stylesheet file and index. html file are created with the WebGL build of the game. Maybe it’s possible there are settings that could be played with in one of those files. I used to change the html file so that the default resolution to display the game in browser was set to the Unity settings I had when I was building the game. Never tested it on a mobile device though

same problem here it seems like maby mobiles can not run high textures on browser. i used minimal templete and this problem fixed but performance was very bad.btw you can try that