How can my game be so slow?

My game contains 8 cubes and a first person controller and it is taking like 5 minutes per frame. Each cube has a texture. Everything is working well except the game view. It was working very well up until like 3 days ago and now it takes like 15 minutes just to move. What could be going wrong to make it go so slowly?

5 minutes per frame is not “slow” - it’s catatonic! :wink: Have you adjusted Time.timeScale? Do you have any potentially infinite, or near-infinite loops?

Make a brand new project with nothing in it, run it and see if it is also slow. If it is not slow add stuff from the slow project to the fast one, one by one, and see if it slows down.

Since there’s so little stuff in there, I’d give your game (particularly the scripts) a good run-through with a fine toothed comb, so to speak. Find possible causes, because with this little information I have no clue. On top of infinite loops, if you’re using translate to move things, I’d also check to make sure they aren’t just being moved at infinitesimal(really really tiny) speeds.