how can oyu show only seconds on timer?

So my timer works, but is their a way it to only show seconds on the timer?

	void Update (){
		// Timer , at end of player start game with remaining players at Bots.
		Timer.text = "" + timeLeft;
			timeLeft -= Time.deltaTime;
		if (timeLeft < 0) {
			Calculatebots ();


@zak666 Yes Very Easily, you just cast it as an int on that first line. casting is a way you convert one type of data (floating points) to another type ( Ints) . and as you you know ints do not have decimals. so when this is displayed, it shows only the whole numbers.

Timer.text = "" + (int)timeLeft;

Time left will remain a float so it will increment properly. its only converted for this particular line.
see more on casting here

Hope it helps