how can put open file window to my project to change texture in my project?

hello every one;
i have a box in my stage. i want to put a button that when push it appear open file window that i select a picture then change texture that box .how can i do in your opinion.Good luck.

Unfortunately Unity doesn’t offer support for native open / save-dialogs.

See this thread for a custom solution.

Keep in mind that file access is not available in a webbuild.

thanx Bunny83 for reply but I do not agree with you.

i found something about this maybe useful for you too

alt text

Open File Panel.

class EditorUtilityOpenFilePanel {
@MenuItem("Examples/Overwrite Texture")
static function Apply () {
    var texture : Texture2D = Selection.activeObject;
    if (texture == null) {
            "Select Texture",
            "You Must Select a Texture first!",
    var path = EditorUtility.OpenFilePanel(
            "Overwrite with png",
    if (path.Length != 0) {
        var www = WWW("file:///" + path);


its main source

Bunny83 is correct. And here’s a more direct link to what can get you started.

Unifycommunity Wiki: ImprovedFileBrowser.