How can timeline access a GameObject's children.

I have a doorway, and a door. The doorway has a Box Collider trigger , and a Playable Director. I want to animate the door by rotation. How do I let the timeline know which door ( i.e. the Playable Director’s parent’s door child) I want to rotate?

I’m trying to avoid having separate timelines for each doorway.

You can use PlayableDirector.SetGenericBinding() to change the binding of a track prior to playing a timeline.

To bind to the parent for example:

	void BindAndPlay (PlayableDirector playableDirector) {
	    var timelineAsset = playableDirector.playableAsset as TimelineAsset;

	    var firstTrack = timelineAsset.GetOutputTracks().ElementAt(0);
	    var parent = playableDirector.transform.parent.gameObject; 

	    playableDirector.SetGenericBinding(firstTrack, parent);

Not at a system to verify, but might it need square brackets?
var firstTrack = timelineAsset.GetOutputTracks().ElementAt[0];