How can unity re-scale an animation?

In 3Ds MAX we can re-scale an animation like this.

Reset the “End Time” in “Re-scale Time” dialog box, then the animation will stretch or shrink.
How can unity do this?
I can get AnimationCurves using AnimationUtility.GetAllCurves, but I don’t know how to achieve it.


I think this is what you looking for:


Thank you very much! It really can make animation play faster or slower.Comes from UNITY 4.3.

Ane when I import an fbx file, it is read only, so I can’t change the sample value.


Then I create an new animation in UNITY, and copy the curves to the new animation, type new value in “Sample”, e.g.120, it plays twice faster than 30, why notfourfold?

At last, it can’t reduce memory usage.