How can you check if an object has collided with another object for a certain amount of time?

I’m trying to make a object move the player collides with it, but not instantly. Can I make it so if the player collides with the object for a certain amount of time, it will start moving? Any point would be great.

I found a different solution. I pretty sure mine wont work for most people because mine is very specific. I want a platform to move, but only if player stands on it, not if they hit it accidentally. So the only way I thought I could measure it was using time. After a but of fiddling, I thought a stopwatch was good, it would start the count when you collided with the platform. If you stop colliding it would reset but if you collided with it long enough it would move. HOWEVER you could just stick your head at it for 2 seconds and it would have start moving. Then I realized, how dumb I was, this whole time. If the player is gonna stand on it, there gonna stand on the top, not on the sides or the bottom! So made a sqaure collider trigger that would only be on the top and would trigger if the player was on it. Perfect solution.