How can you decide which asset from the asset store is better than the rest?

Hey guys, I have a game I want to soon publish to the android market, but since I have no money for webhosting and creating a community of my own, I feel I should implement social features. I searched for social features on the asset store but there are a lot that claim to do what I want. some free, and some for over $100! I am not afraid to spend a little money on this project of mine but I would like to know how I can know what is Right for my project.


There isn’t really a method to Determine which is best, given that the needs of the individual vary, the most i can suggest is Checking Reviews and feedback to any products your interested in, the Asset store community usually provides valuable input to the quality of the asset and feedback on potential issues with functionality, you could also contact the seller to ask them directly if the features you desire will be included in the asset that your considering purchasing.