How can you do calculations on two lists?

I have two lists of floats and I want to be able to divide the contents of both lists together:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class moveCube : MonoBehaviour {

 public List myListPerson = new List();
    public List<float> myListCar = new List<float>();


I am adding new floats to this list in Update using myListPerson.Add and I want to be able to do calculations on these lists in real time e.g. mylistPerson/myListCar.

Is this possible? Sorry if this question is very vague.

Good day.

Yes is very vague… You ask

“Is this possible?”

I answer you:

Yes, it is.

Good bye

I supose you want to know how to do it (you didnt ask for it…) You want to know something very simple, i dont understand why are you asking this… If you are able to create and declare a List, really don’t know how to access it? its very strange… You spent 0 minutes on goolge looking for it… So i dont think is good for you to give you the answer…

Second, wtf means


divide a list with another list? only numbers can be divided by other numbers… Maybe you want to say something like this…?

float result = mylistPerson*/myListCar;*

Please remake all whole question, using good examples, explaingin why you need this, what you find on internet, what YOU TRIED…
Now yes. Good bye.