How can you have one continuos collision over multiple objects

Im working on a game where you are falling through some kind of corridor and need to avoid stuff while falling
The level generation works that it takes a random prefab out of an array and instantiates it below the last one so the walls are just a lot of different objects stacked on top of each other
and when i tried to implement dying I realized that I can´t use the “OnCollisionEnter2D()” function to reduce the health of the Character because it would be loosing health every time it comes past a new piece of wall

Simply add a counter and bool check to the OnCollision code.

I do this exact thing on my projectile’s to avoid damaging unintended targets.
The following code is from my projectile script to give you an idea of what I mean.

        public void Activate()
            hasHasCollided = false;
            collisions = 0;
            currentLifeTime = 0f;
            if (!hasHasCollided && Data.Lifetime > currentLifeTime)

        private void OnCollisionEnter(Collision other)
            hasHasCollided = true;
            if (collisions <= 1)
                Collided?.Invoke(this, new ProjectileCollisionEventArgs(other.gameObject.transform.GetInstanceID(), projectileData.Value));

Your implementation may end up different from mine but the concept remains.

Hello @unity_943kingpl !

FullMe7alJake7’s answer is a good solution and should work for you! Another idea for you is to have a singular variable keeping track of the amount of seconds it’s been since the player last took damage. From there, whenever the player hits a wall, before they take damage, quickly check to see if the last time they took damage was - say - at least 5 seconds ago. If it was, then it’s been long enough that the player should take more damage.
Below is an example of this implementation:

private float timeSinceLastDamage = 0f;

public void Update() {
     timeSinceLastDamage += Time.deltaTime;

private void TakeDamage() {
     if (timeSinceLastDamage >= 5f) {
          player.hp -= 10;
          timeSinceLastDamage = 0f;

Hopefully this helps!