How can you have the text in a GUI.Button or GUI.Box resize with the button or box.

Below I have two separate GUI.(lookBelow). The size of the GUI.(lookBelow) changes based on screen size (phone, computer, tablet), but the text size of each does not scale with the GUI.(lookBelow).

So my question is how can I make the text relative to the size of the GUI.(lookBelow)?

Thanks for any help (even if you just glance)!
-AJ = customSkinBackground;
GUI.Box (new Rect (0, 0, backgroundW, backgroundH), " "); = customSkinAudio;
if (GUI.Button (new Rect (Screen.width/1.15f, buttonPosMusic, musicButtonSizeW, musicButtonSizeH), audioImage))

If you choose to use custom skin, there’s no need to use 2 different skins for box and button.
You can use 1 skin for both. See the documentation

To change the font size dynamically you can access each type of GUI element and change it’s font size based on screen properties. You can set some scaling parameter and use it. = boxFontSize * scale;

However, using GUISkin might be a waste in your case. Consider using GUIStyle instead.
Then you can create the box with your style

public GUIStyle backgroundStyle;

backgroundStyle.fontsize = boxFontSize * scale;
GUI.Box (new Rect (0, 0, backgroundW, backgroundH), " ", backgroundStyle);

The scale can be calculated by starting with some raw size that fits to the default screen you are working with (e.g unity’s game view) and then setting scale to the screen width divided by the default screen width (which you can get with Debug.Log or check device parameters).
Or you can use any other method you like that is based on the screen width