How can you make the most money from a browser game?

I'm about mid way in finishing my first casual game and was hoping to get some advice from people who've done this before. For my own sanity let's assume my game will be good enough to be published on the online gaming sites (shockwave, miniclip, bigfish, etc...)! After researching I've found the exact amounts they pay are a closely guarded secret and you can make more by being exclusive to one site over the others. If anyone could give some hint's as to they're preference of choosing just one site or multiple site's and even shed some light on the whole process if your game is accepted. thanks

You might be interested in our Unity Tokens micro-transaction API. It's free for Unity developers and designed to run seemlessly in your game. You can download the API and read the easy setup tutorial here:

Unity Tokens API and Getting Started Tutorial

All of the program details are on our site, but we currently offer a 70% split to all developers using Unity Tokens. Our current exchange rate is 800UT : $1 USD. We currently issue bi-weekly payouts to accounts via paypal and soon via bank check and direct deposit.

We also offer helpful micro-transaction tutorials to help you better understand how you can design a virtual economy in your game.

Unity Tokens microtransaction Design Theory

If you have any questions about our program we will do our best to answer them.

Some other options would be along the lines of micro transaction, in-game ads, product placement, methods which can be boosted by not keeping the game on a portal and getting it out to as many places as possible such as facebook. Licensing is another option, place a publisher's logo on the game and they'll pay for development and possibly give residual income.

There's also power in advertising. If you can get your own site up and running, you can probably do Google advertisements that will give you money whenever someone clicks on it.